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Velvet with red - horizontal and vertical stretch

Velvet with red - horizontal and vertical stretch
Our previous price 42,50 EUR
Now only 39,90 EUR
you save 6 % / 2,60 EUR

39,90 EUR per metre
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs



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Gültig ab 11.03.2013:
Unsere AGB richten sich nach dem BGB der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

Für die Bestellung von Downloads ist ein Kundenkonto aus technischen Gründen unverzichtbar. Dieses Konto ist von Ihnen jedoch jederzeit auch wieder selbst löschbar. Durch das Löschen Ihres Kontos werden auch alle noch gültigen Downloads in Ihrem Konto gelöscht und müssen bei Bedarf erneut von Ihnen bestellt werden - auch kostenpflichtige Downloads. Wir empfehlen daher kein Konto zu löschen, solange Ihre gekauften Downloads noch Gültigkeit haben (ab Kaufdatum 30 Tage).

Instruction according to the Fernabsatzgesetz FernAbsG

Since the 30th June, 2000 the Fernabsatzgesetz (FernAbsG) applies to all contracts about the delivery of goods or the performance of services which take place between a consumer (user) and an enterpriser (supplier) under exclusive use of so-called distant communicative devices for the contract (purchase). The law understands by it the preparation and the end of contracts without concurrent physical attendance of the parties to a contract in particular by letter, phone, e-mails as well as broadcasting company, teleservices and media services (i.e. Internet). For contracts between consumers and us the Fernabsatzgesetz and the following executions count therefore in addition to our general terms of business (Terms and Conditions).

1. All our offers are not-binding. In case of the appearing non-availability of goods we are not obliged to the delivery of the offered goods. The principle "as long as in stock" appeals.
2. The prices are gross prices including the value added tax counting in each case. We are left to ourselves to give net prices when required (only If you are from outside EU, you can login and can see prices without tax - you will pay taxes and fees when you receive the goods).

Cancellation instruction - Right of withdrawal

If you are consumer, you can recant your contract explanation within two weeks without specification of reasons in text form (i.e. letter, Telefax, E-mail) or by return of the thing. The period begins at the earliest with preservation of this instruction. For the protection of the cancellation period, the timely sending of the cancellation or the thing is enough.
The cancellation is to be directed to:
Christina Stock
Paradiesstr. 18/20
73230 Kirchheim/ T.

Cancellation sequences

In case of an effective cancellation, the received benefits on both sides are to be returned and, if necessary, dragged uses (i.e. interest) redacted. If you can return to us the received benefits not at all or only a part or only in worse condition, you must, in this respect, perform, if necessary, worth substitute. With the assignment of things this does not apply, if the deterioration of the thing is to be led back exclusively on its checking - as it would have been possible to you in the retail shop. For the rest, you can avoid the worth liability to pay damages, while you do not take the thing in use like your property and omit from everything what impairs its value. Packet transportable things are to be sent back - you will get the money for shippment back if the goods are more valuable than 40 EUR. You must fulfill liabilities to the allowance of payments within 14 days after sending your cancellation explanation. Patterns and custom-tailored goods (i.e. fabric, special orders) are excluded from return and exchange.





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