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Mens Skating Shirt

Mens Skating Shirt
Our previous price 49,90 EUR
Now only 25,00 EUR
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19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs



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You will see shipping cost at the checkout before sending your order. Or you look at this table - the weight of your order you can see in shopping cart.

  Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4
incl. Tax* excl. Tax incl. Tax* excl. Tax excl. Tax excl. Tax
max. 500 g 11,29 EUR 9,49 EUR
8,33 EUR 7,00 EUR 9,00 EUR 12,00 EUR
max. 1.000 g 11,29 EUR 9,49 EUR
10,71 EUR 9,00 EUR 11,00 EUR 17,00 EUR
max. 2.000 g 20,18 EUR 16,95 EUR
23,80 EUR 20,00 EUR 30,00 EUR 40,00 EUR
max 5.000 g 20,52 EUR 17,24 EUR
41,65 EUR
35,00 EUR 50,00 EUR 60,00 EUR
max 20.000 g 38,47 EUR 32,33 EUR
71,40 EUR 60,00 EUR 70,00 EUR 90,00 EUR

Countires zone 1: AD, AT*, BE*, CZ*, DK*, FO, FI*, FR*, GR*, GL, IE*, IT*, LI, LU*, MC, NL*, NO, PL*, PT*, SM, SK*, SI*, ES*, SE*, VA, GB*

Countires zone 2: AL, AM, AZ, BY, BA, BG, HR, CY*, EE*, GE, HU*, IS, KZ, LV*, LT*, MK, MT*, MD, TR, UA, YU

Countires zone 3: DZ, BH, EG, GI, GU, IR, IL, JO, KW, LB, LY, MH, YT, MA, OM, PR, RO, RU, SA, SY, TN, AE, US, VI, YE

Countires zone 4: CH, AF, AO, AI, AG, AR, AW, AU, BS, BD, BB, BZ, BJ, BM, BT, BO, BW, BR, IO, BN, BF, BI, KH, CM, CA, CV, KY, CF, CL, CN, CO, KM, CG, CR, CI, CU, DJ, DM, DO, EC, SV, ER, FK, FJ, GF, PF, GA, GM, GH, GD, GP, GT, GN, GW, GY, HT, HN, HK, IN, ID, JM, JP, KE, KI, KG, KP, KR, LA, LS, LR, MO, MG, MW, MY, MV, ML, MQ, MR, MU, MX, MN, MS, MZ, MM, NA, NR, NP, AN, NC, NZ, NI, NE, NG, PK, PA, PG, PY, PE, PH, PN, RE, PW, KN, LC, VC, WS, ST, SN, SC, SL, SG, ZA, LK, SH, PM, SD, SR, SZ, TW, TJ, TZ, TH, TG, TO, TT, TM, TC, TV, UG, UY, UZ, VU, VE, VN, VG, WF

Cod plus 7.18 EUR (only Austria, + fees of your post office)
Cod plus 6.55 EUR (only Switzerland, + fees of your post office)

*EU: Tax must be payed


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